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Berber Kilim - Mzerbi Taznakht
Berber Kilim - Mzerbi Taznakht
Berber Kilim - Mzerbi Taznakht
Berber Kilim - Mzerbi Taznakht
Berber Kilim - Mzerbi Taznakht

Berber Kilim - Mzerbi Taznakht

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This is a unique piece that was designed and executed without plan by two talented women that live in Ait Ouagherda village in the region of Taznakht, Morocco. This rug is a real testimony of how powerful these women can be when they let go their imagination.

It combines three work techniques. It is hand woven, hand embroidered and hand knotted at the same time.

The discontinuance of the yellow color at one of the extremities shows that the ladies couldn't get the same natural color when their stock of wool finished. This is very common as the coloring of the hand spun wool is made in a traditional way and it is difficult to achieve the same results when the process is done traditionally. That is the beauty of handmade.

Product Ref: KMZ0001

Design: Mzerbi Design.

Dimensions: 255 cm x 150 cm + Fringe  (Sizes are approximate as handmade carpets can vary in sizes from centre to extremities)

Colors: Multicolor, dyed with natural plants and ingredients found around the village.                                      

Material: 100% sheep wool, hand spun for better quality and hand woven on a cotton warp.

Fringe: One side. This is typical for Berber rugs as the tradition is to close one side and leave the other side open for the weavers's daughters to continue the story after them.

Pile: Flat weave

Condition: New. This product was made in a traditional way and might have small imperfections.                                                             

Origin: Ait Ouagherda, Taznakht, Morooco.

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