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Fez Carpet - The Eye
Fez Carpet - The Eye
Fez Carpet - The Eye

Fez Carpet - The Eye

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This beautiful Fez Carpet is full of bright colors and intricate designs, giving off a wonderful and energetic vibe. As a piece that you will surely cherish, it can give a refreshing sight and a brighter outlook to your space.

Fez Carpets are very fine in their making. The attention to details in their designs and the harmony of their colors is very impressive . Once only made for the aristocrat families, with 100% Lambswool: warp, weft and knots, it is still considered a royal carpet because of its old, very tight weaving techniques, that guarantee its high quality and its resistance to time.

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Design: The Eye

Dimensions: 235 cm x 168 cm + Fringes  (Sizes are approximate as handmade carpets can vary in sizes from centre to extremities)

Colors: Red.

Material: 100% Sheep wool on a cotton Warp.

Fringe: Both sides.

Condition: New. Handmade in a traditional way using a traditional loom, so might have small imperfections. 

Origin: Handmade by weavers in the city of Fez, Morocco.

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