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Fez Carpet - Mediouna Medallions
Fez Carpet - Mediouna Medallions
Fez Carpet - Mediouna Medallions

Fez Carpet - Mediouna Medallions

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This beautiful carpet was made in the city of Fez. The classic design would usually contain one big medallion in the center and other smaller medallions around it or other motifs. This one has similar size medallions all over the carpet. This is usually a design that can be found in a small place called Mediouna in Casablanca. Although Mediouna is not very big in the carpet industry, but a lot of the Fez weavers adopt this design and call it the Mediouna design.

Fez Carpets are very fine in their making. The attention to details in their designs and the harmony of their colors is very impressive . Made once only for the aristocrat families, with 100% Lambswool: warp, weft and knots, it is still considered a royal carpet because of its old, very tight weaving techniques, that guarantee its high quality and its resistance to time.

Product Ref: FCN0001

Design: Mediouna Medallions.

Dimensions: 314 cm x 212 cm + Fringe  (Sizes are approximate as handmade carpets can vary in sizes from centre to extremities)

Colors: Multicolor with high notes of purple and blue colors.

Material: 100% Lambswool.

Fringe: Both sides.

Condition: New and in very good condition. Handmade in a traditional way using a traditional loom, so might have small imperfections. 

Origin: Handmade by weavers in the city of Fez, Morocco.

Delivery: Maximum 5 working days within Dubai & Abu Dhabi. For other locations please contact us by WhatsApp or email.

Available for viewing at Al Qouz Dubai, Please WhatsApp 0588443529.