Welcome to Afouss ! your boutique destination for Moroccan Home Decor & Accessories

Our philosophy

Afouss means "hands" in Berber. It is the spoken language of the Berber tribes that were the first people of Morocco and now live mostly in the Atlas mountains.

Afouss philosophy is about everything handmade and crafted with natural ingredients by talented artists that inherited these craftsmanship skills through generations. 

 By exposing some parts of Moroccan culture and history, Berber and Arab, we aim to provide a space for all our style- conscious customers to find a quality handmade home decor and accessories that will allow them to reflect their personality in their home. 

Our customers will enjoy a personalized service that not only offers quality but helps them choose the right products by understanding their needs and offering what suits their personality and style through product recommendations or customized products.

Our mission:

" Spread awareness about the diversity and the beauty of Moroccan artwork by providing authentic and unique Moroccan handmade products that caters to all budgets of our quality- and style-conscious customers ".

 Our vision:

''become the primary brand  for anyone looking to add a cultural experience of Moroccan lifestyle and culture into their home and environment''.

Our values:

  1. We Are Fair: We believe that empowering our artisans is as important as leading a successful business. 
  2. We Are Genuine: We want your trust, so we deliver what we promise.
  3. We Are Passionate: We show you what we love not what we think would sell.
  4. We Are Fearless: We dare to infuse modern trends with traditional influences.
  5. We Are Sustainable: We strive to give back to nature as much as it gives us.

Our promise:

  1. Authenticity: all our products are strictly made by local Moroccan artisans.
  2. Honesty and Quality: All our products are natural and accurately described.
  3. Uniqueness: all our products are handmade and hence, every piece is unique and like no other.