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Our Social Responsibility

At Afouss, we believe that our social responsibility is one of the key purposes of our existence. Running a successful business is not our only aim, we also want to empower those who fill our lives with beauty and to make our environment more sustainable. Without them, we cannot exist and without people like you and us, they cannot survive.

As a part of our social commitment, we would like to achieve the following goals:

  1. Generate enough revenue to give these artisans and their families a sustainable income that will enable them to focus and create more beautiful things.
  2. Ensure the continuity of these different savoir-faire by keeping the young generation interested in learning and preserving these traditions and culture. 

We intend achieving these goals by:

  1. Ensuring that our artisans get the right payment for their products. 
  2. Promoting the work of artisans and present it internationally.
  3. Creating workshops in the villages to achieve consistency once the demand reaches reasonable levels.
  4. Focusing on trainings for younger generations that have the skills and are interested in keeping our ancestors' art making alive.
  5. Sharing technologies that will allow the handmade process to become more environmentally friendly and time saving.

We hope that with the help of Afouss international community and together with you - our customer- we can achieve these goals and contribute to a better and more sustainable, beautiful and happy world!