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Berber Kilim Rug- Superior Quality Akhnif

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This beautifully designed rug comes from the High Atlas Mountain and specifically from the Taznakht regions. The different symbols and motifs adorning this rug make it nothing short of stunning.

Product Ref: KAS003.

Design: Akhnif with Berber Symbols.

Dimensions: 258 x 141 cm+ Fringe (Sizes are approximate because handmade Rugs can vary in sizes from centre to extremities)

Colours: Grey background with multicolour embroidery.

Material: 100% sheep wool, hand spun for the highest quality and hand woven on a cotton warp.

Fringe: One side. This is typical for Berber rugs as the tradition is to close one side and leave the other side open for the weaver's daughters to continue the story after her.

Pile: Flat weave

Condition: New and in very good condition. This product was made in a traditional way and might have small imperfections.          

Origin: Taznakht, Morooco.

Delivery: Maximum 5 working days within Dubai & Abu Dhabi. For other locations please contact us by WhatsApp or email.

Imperfections in the finish and the size of this type of products is very common due to the handmade procedure. Please make sure you are ok with this before purchasing the product.

Returns are allowed within 5 days with product in original state on credit note basis only. No refunds.

No return for sale items.

Available for viewing at Afouss, Al Qouz Dubai, Please WhatsApp 0588443529.